About Us

TREETOP MEDIA Ltd. was formed in 2007, with our core competency being video and TV productions. Our work ranges from corporate videos, web films and promotional video campaigns to training videos and TV documentaries for both the New Zealand and interantional markets.

We are working closely with Tourism NZ, the German Embassy Wellington and the Goethe-Institut, have successfully completed projects for TVNZ, TV3, Racetech, GMRI, APEC, Lifestyle, Rotary Club Hutt Valley, Forman Building, GFC Germany, ZDF and many more.

Having extensive experience and knowledge of both the New Zealand and German broadcasting industries, we deliver Kiwi ingenuity combined with German reliability and hard work. Many compliments on our knowledge show how we bring projects up to true international standards.


Anja Schoenborn

Anja Schoenborn Treetop MediaAnja Schoenborn is a published author, journalist and TV producer. She is co-founder of TREETOP MEDIA Ltd. where she directs, researches and produces many broadcasting and video productions.

Her career began 1996 as a journalist in Munich/Germany. She then became an editor for various TV stations and newspaper publishing houses in Germany. Anja has written three books. She further is New Zealand correspondent for several German travel magazines, supplying them with investigative articles on a regular basis. Anja was hired by Tourism New Zealand to work on their 100% Pure New Zealand campaign and was involved in the Guest of Honour Program at the Frankfurt Bookfair 2012, where New Zealand presented itself to a worldwide audience.


Gunnar Schoenborn

Gunnar Schoenborn Treetop MediaGunnar is CEO and the head of postproduction at TREETOP MEDIA Ltd. He started his career for German television in 1993 and quickly became an editor for major TV networks around Germany. After relocating to New Zealand in 2006, he was senior editor at TV3, TVNZ and various production houses like Gibson Group and Krafthaus Films. He worked in this capacity on numerous successful and award winning productions and TV shows. 

Gunnar was also co-editor and Avid operator on a number of German tele features for the 'Emilie Richards' series. The 90 minute features were shot on 16mm film all around New Zeland.

Gunnar still works as a freelance editor. He is adept at editing online and offline on AVID Media Composer, Final Cut and Quantel.